October 08, 2003


I have been procrastinating like an ass-machinist. I have a horrible irrational dread of starting to write my comprehensive exam proposal. I have been doing everything from setting up fly crosses, to transferring mp3s onto my new laptop, to updating my neglected weblog, as long as the activity has nothing to do with my comps. At least my laptop is a mac and therefore I can't play tribes on it.


Posted by doug at October 8, 2003 02:55 PM

I know writing proposals sucks, but must you really resort to molesting the amish, grandma?

Posted by: dfoot at October 8, 2003 03:00 PM

Already writing the proposal!? Jesus....that's insanely early. You need to slack more.

By the way, I've been asked to ask you if you know someone named Jennifer Walker in your MCB program.

Posted by: Jacob at October 8, 2003 05:12 PM

My proposal is actually due at the end of October, so I am indeed slacking. I just re-read lots of the papers on my topic and I am not dreading writing about it too much any more. I think I actually chose something that it is pretty easy to propose experiments to test. Must......write......arrrrgh

Unfortunately I don't know a Jennifer Walker. In fact, the only Jennifer Walker I can find in the campus directory is a psychology undergrad. Perhaps this person goes to OSU?

Posted by: Doug at October 13, 2003 10:43 AM