February 13, 2004


Things are starting to look up in lab. We are finally having some success in getting S2 cells to grow and thrive. For about two weeks, I was nursing along a sick stock of cells that were probably 90% dead. We ended up trying multiple frozen stocks, but it seemed like no cells from the Doe lab's freezer were happy. Finally, I got a tip that people in a crystallography lab were growing huge tubs of S2's and were having no problems with them. All it took was a friendly request, and I soon had a big-ass flask of healthy cells just begging to be transfected. Now I can proceed with two major projects that were hopelessly stalled due to the lack of viable cells.

In other news, Lisa is entering a climbing competition this weekend in Portland. She will be competing in the Open category, which means that she will get a cash prize if she wins. Unfortunately, it also means that she will probably be competing against professional climbers. Join me in wishing her luck.


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February 06, 2004

Fish Speakers

The most enjoyable part of watching the Superbowl for me was seeing the new Quiznos ads for the first time. The sheer oddness of those singing furry creatures with bulging eyes and bad teeth makes me want to reward Quiznos with my business for paying to broadcast such wackiness.

I am willing to bet that I am not the only cementhorizon type person who was amused by the ads and did some Googling to discover their origins. I'll also bet that Jack-bo probably recognized the characters in the ads immediately as Spongmonkeys: the stars of a flash animation entitled "We like the moon" that was circulating around the internet a while ago. It seems that Quiznos contacted the creator of the Spongmonkeys and paid him to make advertisements. How do you guys feel about this? Does it upset you that Quiznos is attempting to cash in on a wacky internet phenomenon?


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