August 13, 2003


I need a project. I have decided to throw together the amalgam of parts that has been lurking in my garage into a functional bicycle. I only need two things as far as I can tell:

1. A front wheel. I sold the only extra one I had to 4-cob. I may need a rear wheel as well in case I can't fix the broken spokes on my old wheel and end up creating a taco .
2. A headset. This is the only part from my old GT that now lives on my Cove.

So, if anyone out there has a front wheel or a headset, I would consider purchasing them, or trading them for these lovely items which I have and don't really need.
1. A Shimano XT front derailleur (31.8, top swing, bottom pull)
2. A Shimano ES70 splined bottom bracket (goes with XT or LX cranks, 73x113, I didn't destroy this one, I just couldn't use it with my new frame)
3. Shimano XT V-brake levers
4. Shimano LX V-brakes (front and rear) with pimp-ass polished aluminum Salsa brake boosters.
If only there was someone else out there with a garage full of bike parts like me, by our powers combined, we could create a multitude of working bikes, or perhaps summon Captain Planet.


Posted by doug at August 13, 2003 09:13 PM