June 19, 2003


The fact that I am leaving at the end of next week has somewhat limited what I have been able to do in lab. I am still getting all of my stocks of flies grown up, so I don't really have enough of any of them to do any experiments. To avoid being an utter slacker for the past few days, I have been doing lots of research and reading about stress responses in drosophila. I have come across lots of fun studies...


When I get back from the wedding, I will be able to get my flies hopped-up on all kinds of stuff. I can hardly wait.

I just acquired "26 Mixes for Cash" by Aphex Twin. Thank the lord for hotline. Most of the remixes are essentially original Aphex Twin tracks with occasional samples from the original song. There are a couple of genuine 100% Aphex tracks on the album as well which are quite good. I say this album=enjoy.

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June 16, 2003


Every time I go to Hollywood Video, I end up fuming about what a disgusting mass of filth and stupidity the human race is. This happens because each time I enter this part of Springfield, I either nearly get run over by a 12 foot tall 4x4 pickup truck, or get drag-raced by a 16 year old in a pimped-out 1986 Honda civic with neon lights illuminating its undercarriage. I think that public transportation is a good idea not only because it will save the environment, but more because the majority of human beings give every indication of being too goddamn stupid to drive automobiles like civilized individuals. Arrrrgh.


On a happier note, the lab I am joining is going to buy me a laptop. The PI is encouraging us to wait until Apple introduces powerbooks based on the IBM PPC 970 chip. Various rumor sites predict that these notebooks will be released sometime between this month and March of 2004. I am giddy with anticipation.

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June 09, 2003


I am in the middle of end of the quarter craziness. I spent the last week analyzing fake microarray data, making about 1,000 RGB images in Photoshop, and grading a painful number of papers. The only thing that has kept me going lateley is the hope of seeing this guy on my commutes to and from school:


What I first thought was a muskrat turned out to be a nutria after some intense web searching. Regardless of what it is, I am extremeley fascinated with it and any other pudgy aquatic rodent because they all closely resemble b3av0rz!!!1

P.S. these guys kick ass. Oh how I wish I had a welding torch and lots of time on my hands...

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