August 16, 2003


I should not be allowed in a bike shop without supervision.


Oh well... of all the respective shops and companies out there, I feel good about giving my money to Paul's and Chris King in exchange for their goods and or services. The purchase wasn't completely frivolous. With its original headset back, the old GT is coming together nicely. Now I just need some shifter cables, a seatpost collar and wheels and I am set. Project=good for mental health.


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August 15, 2003

No Talent Ass-Clown

Who else out there thought the movie Office Space was a kick in the pants? I had never even heard of it until Mo-chan insisted that seeing it was essential for my survival. Now that I have seen it, I am inclined to agree with her. I am not sure how I lived for so long without hearing Michael Bolton referred to as a no talent ass-clown. Now when I am feeling down, all I have to do is think of that phrase and I can't help but grin. Thank you, Mo-chan.


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August 13, 2003


I need a project. I have decided to throw together the amalgam of parts that has been lurking in my garage into a functional bicycle. I only need two things as far as I can tell:

1. A front wheel. I sold the only extra one I had to 4-cob. I may need a rear wheel as well in case I can't fix the broken spokes on my old wheel and end up creating a taco .
2. A headset. This is the only part from my old GT that now lives on my Cove.

So, if anyone out there has a front wheel or a headset, I would consider purchasing them, or trading them for these lovely items which I have and don't really need.
1. A Shimano XT front derailleur (31.8, top swing, bottom pull)
2. A Shimano ES70 splined bottom bracket (goes with XT or LX cranks, 73x113, I didn't destroy this one, I just couldn't use it with my new frame)
3. Shimano XT V-brake levers
4. Shimano LX V-brakes (front and rear) with pimp-ass polished aluminum Salsa brake boosters.
If only there was someone else out there with a garage full of bike parts like me, by our powers combined, we could create a multitude of working bikes, or perhaps summon Captain Planet.


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Has anyone ever woken up one day and wondered what happened to the past four weeks of their life? I feel like I have been on autopilot for a while now. I get up, go to lab, go home, and go to sleep. I haven't taken a day off since Lisa left. Obsessing over work seems to have put me through some kind of time-warp. It feels like Lisa left days ago, not weeks.
I felt very odd today, as though I had been watching myself go through the motions from a third person perspective for a while, and just regained control. I had to stay home from lab so the goddamn Comcast people could come reconnect my cable which was mistakenly disconnected a few days ago. To pass the time while I waited for them to show up for our oh-so-specific 12-6 PM appointment I rented a DVD. Come to think of it, watching Mulholland Drive was probably what set off these feelings of oddness. Something about not being sure which characters were real people and which ones were imagined probably did it. Damn you Lynch! I did enjoy the movie quite a bit though. Very visually interesting and all of that other intelligent-sounding movie review stuff. Did that movie even get good reviews? I'm not even going to bother checking before I post this just in case cool people think it sucked and I sound hopelessly uncool for liking it. Regardless, I will probably at least sound behind the times and therefore uncool since it must have come out a while ago "Oh, you hadn't seen that movie yet? What did you think of (other more recent Lynch film or acclaimed artsy foreign film that you probably haven't heard of)? Oh, you haven't seen it?" Damn I feel cynical today. More than usual.


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August 02, 2003


Oh dear, my webpage seems to have become haunted. Perhaps an update can chase the ghosts away. Things have been interesting since the wedding. The honeymoon was fabulous. Now, instead of getting used to domestic married life, I am living as a bachelor for the first time in two or so years. Lisa is off in a swamp in the midwest measuring gas levels, and I am holding down the fort in good old Springfield. Since I have little to do at home other than watch TV and decompose, I have been hitting the lab Carlson style. I don't think I have ever worked this hard in my life. Scientific productivity has been somewhat enjoyable, although having to attend to experiments all night for two nights in a row leaves me feeling rather zombie-like.....ZOMBIE SAYS MORE BRAINS IN SOUP!!!!!! On that note, off to lab I go.

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