September 09, 2003

I need a shaz-dance

I have recently had a Tribes relapse. If this continues, it is good bye grad school and hello McDonalds for me.


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September 06, 2003

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

This is spooky. So is this. I want a short wave radio. Apparently broadcasts like these from all over the world can be tuned in easily. Here is a page about numbers stations. NPR did a story about them. This kind of stuff fascinates me.


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September 01, 2003

We are all doomed

I am finding it increasingly difficult to watch the news or anything on TV where people make comments about politics or current events. I am starting to think that perhaps democracy isn't the best system in a country where the general public seems to be horribly belligerent and illogical. It doesn't seem that way in Eugene, (or in the Bay area for that matter, right?), but despite the absurdly unjustified war and continued deaths in Iraq, a majority of Americans still approve of the way the Bush administration is handling things. What the hell is wrong with people? Am I the only one that thinks that "we are living in a post-Sept. 11 world" is not a valid excuse for blowing up every country with a regime that is not friendly to the US? People seem to be incapable of looking at things from other people's perspectives.

I heard a clip of Howard Dean speaking on NPR the other day, and I was actually impressed. He seems unafraid to assert that the war was wrong. I was disturbed by the report, however, because it suggested that democrats should be worried that Dean is currently the leading candidate because he is far too liberal to have a chance of beating Bush. Dammit! vgd vgd vgd vgd vgs vgs (who got that reference? I bet only 4-cob and maybe Gene) v-period v-period v-period fuck v-period v-period v-period fau sa assassassassassass asses asses aaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssss

I want to move to Canada. The mountainbiking is better up there too.


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